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Q: What is an allergy?

A: An allergy is a condition in which one’s body reacts in a specific and undesirable way to a substance to which it should not. The word ‘allergic’ is a very specific term used to describe sensitivity to an allergen that causes the release of histamine (and other substances) that lead to the symptoms you know of as ‘allergies’ (itching, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc). In contrast, a ‘sensitivity’ is a condition in which a person reacts to a substance in an undesirable manner without being technically allergic to it. A person can be sensitive to several substances in that they cause irritating symptoms without being truly allergic to these substances. This is despite the fact that the symptoms caused by the sensitivity may be very similar to true allergic symptoms. This difference is important because the true allergy is often treated differently than sensitivity. We can do tests to differentiate allergies from sensitivities.

Q: What is your recommended treatment for a positive Allergy Test?

A: We suggest specialty combined injections formulated for the maximum result for patients that suffer from allergies. This is a long term solution.

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