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Allergy Testing And Treatment Specialists In Keller Texas

Texas has some of the highest allergy index in the entire country. Many people that live here or move here report that they develop allergies later on in life and if you are one of them it is a shocking experience to one day wake up and feel the effects.

At T Off Your Health we offer allergy testing and treatment at all three of our clinic locations. Here are the most frequently asked questions about our allergy treatment system:

  1. What should I expect during the test?

The clinic staff member will clean the skin testing area with an alcohol pad. When the test is applied to your skin, you will feel pressure from the applicator prongs. It will take approximately two minutes to apply the entire test. It will take 15 minutes, after the application of the test, for the results. During this time you will be either lying on your stomach or sitting with the testing area exposed.

2. How will it feel?

There is slight pressure from the applicators and the test is designed to scratch/prick the first layer of skin. As the test develops, you may experience temporary itching or tingling sensation similar to a mosquito bite.

3. What happens after the test?

After the results are documented, a clinic staff member will wipe off the antigens with alcohol and the itching sensation will start to subside. The marks from the test may remain visible for up to 48 hours. If necessary, you may be offered an antihistamine or anti-itching cream.

4. How soon will I receive my results?

Your provider will review the results of your allergy test and discuss treatment options. Together you and your provider will determine the best course of treatment.

There are a couple of things to add in regards to both treatment and testing;

Testing: you will feel pressure and rocking back and forth as well as side to side. The medical assistant will come check on you every 2-5 minutes to make sure you are feeling okay, do not scratch the area of testing. If it becomes to itchy or you start having symptoms such as chest tightness or shortness of breath we will remove the antigens prior to the 15 minutes and document the time of the actual testing. After the 15 minutes, the medical assistant will remove the antigens from the testing area and read the results which they will then give to the provider. Based on your results the provider and you will go over treatment options and if treatment is needed.

Treatment: Drops are delivered to your home and you will be charged $75 a month – insurance does not cover this service. Drops take anywhere from 2-4 weeks before they arrive at your door. You will be required to follow up 6 months after treatment begins and then yearly for the allergy treatment.

Shots are performed in office and cannot be done at home – this service will fall under your insurance benefits (we can always check the cost of this service for you prior to placing an order). Shots take around 4-6 weeks prior to arriving at the clinic. The first allergy shot you receive you will need to be off antihistamines for 72 hours and any beta blockers for 24 hours, after this first shot you can take an antihistamine at any time you please. You will also be required to bring an EPI pen with you to each allergy shot appointment; these must be not expired and must be shown to the medical assistant prior to receiving an allergy inj. After shot 36, as long as treatment is consistent you will have shots once every other week instead of weekly.

Both treatments typically take about 2 years for optimal desensitization, many patients choose to have another allergy test done to see if their treatment has worked or to see if their allergies have changed. Each patient will react different and treatment and results are not the same for every patient.

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